Google’s Quantum Computer, Its Not A Dream

Quantum Computer is a computer that uses the quirks of quantum physics to work on data should be capable of things far beyond any machine in use today. While Google itself remains tight-lipped on timings, Google’s researchers may unveil a truly powerful quantum computer by the end of next year.

In the 1980s, theorists realized that a computer based on quantum mechanics had the potential to vastly outperform ordinary, or quantum-2classical, computers at certain tasks. But building one was another matter, back at the time its a technology matter, but nowadays we know that our tech is sufficient to try build one. The modern quantum project starts at 2013, D-Wave, Google and NASA were collaborating on creation of quantum computer, which lead to D-Wave company hired acclaimed physicist John Martinis in 2014 to build its own quantum chips. More recently, it published results which suggested that a powerful quantum computer might be easier to build than was previously thought.


“They (Google) are definitely the world leaders now, there is no doubt about it, It’s Google’s to lose. If Google’s not the group that does it, then something has gone wrong”
– Simon Devitt at the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science in Japan.




Google claimed that the quantum computer could process data hundred million times faster than our personal computers nowadays. Quantum computing is based on quantum bits or qubits, unlike traditional computer nowadays which bits only have zero or one value, but the quantums could represent both value simultaneously. So with this fact alone, it could represent how fast can the quantum computer solve a certain problems many times faster than our traditional personal computers. For quantum computers to be truly useful in the long run, we will also need robust quantum error correction, a technique to mitigate the fragility of quantum states. Martinis and others are already working on this, but it will take longer than achieving quantum supremacy.

The quantum computer era is near, and Google probably would be the starter. Have fun 😀

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